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Celebrate At The Jim Corbett Park Festival Of Freedom - Republic Day

Celebrate At The Jim Corbett Park Festival Of Freedom - Republic Day

We are aware of how unique your plans were for 2022, which comes after two trying years in a row. And we hope your days are going according to plan. One good month of 2022 is almost through, therefore now is the time for a memorable vacation. You can take advantage of this on Republic Day. A Republic Day party at Jim Corbett National Park with The Solluna Resort would be a fantastic idea.

In a picturesque area near Marchula, Uttrakhand The Solluna Resort is a multi-award winning concept hotel that offers the ideal mix of opulent comfort and tranquil introspection. While some might contend that the quest for calm is never-ending, we believe we have a special place where tranquillity can be found.

The attributes and activities chosen are the main distinctions between the various Jim Corbett packages. All of the packages include the same core services and additional activities. Like, if we want to distinguish between the luxury and budget packages, the resorts and any other added activities will be the key differences, but the fundamental services like safari, nature walk, bonfire, and the fundamental resort amenities will remain the same in all the packages. 


  1.  First, a drink of welcome.
  2. 3 days and 2 nights in a premium room.
  3. At the resort: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners.
  4. In-room tea/coffee maker.
  5. Soft drinks and snacks during the campfire, 1+1 cocktail.
  6. Karaoke music and a daily bonfire.
  7. Game Show, Tombola, and Wildlife Film.
  8. Free parking and use of the on-site recreational facilities.
  9. Nature walk with a guide.
  10. daily wildlife presentation at the resort
  11. It is included in all taxes.

Even though people with tight schedules can reserve Jim Corbett Packages for 1 night and 2 days, one cannot effectively explore the area in that little time. To obtain a fundamental grasp of the Jim Corbett National Park and go on one safari, at least two nights and three days are needed. 

When it comes to these 2-night, 3-day Jim Corbett packages, they include lodging, optional meals, access to on-site activities (including the pool and games), a single Jim Corbett jeep safari , and a few other things like nature walks, bonfires, and live music. Therefore, the schedule is designed so that neither a second nor a dollar is wasted. These Jim Corbett packages offer the greatest number of inputs for the lowest possible price. These bundles are pre-made and reasonably priced. You can always give us a call and request a customised Jim Corbett package.

You'll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to go thanks to your gorgeous lodgings in the painstakingly planned rooms and cottages in the centre of this dense deep jungle. You'll be awakened by the captivating vistas of the mountains together with the sound of birds tweeting and the smell of the jungle. Without wholesome, well-balanced meals, no day is complete. At the Resorts in Corbett , cooks will make you a dinner that combines various cuisines and tastes while yet being healthy and delicious. You can learn about the richness of the forests and how various species are thriving in the jungle by going on a nature walk, going on a trip, or on a jungle safari.