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Childhood Memories Of National Park

Childhood Memories Of National Park

Hug a tree. Lie on grass. Catch a butterfly. Climb a tree. Build a tree house. Ride on an elephant. Get excited seeing wild animals. Try touching the peacock. Trace fox footsteps. Build house out of pebbles. Run behind a rabbit. Scare away monkeys. Shoo away birds. Eat your favourite food outdoor. Feed the ants. Play hide and seek with family. Play on swing. Help parents to build the camp. Enjoying the blanket of stars at night...Childhood memories in wildlife are endless. But it always remains in dreams and bedtime stories. Electrify yourself by getting back to your childhood days by visiting The Solluna resort at Jim Corbett National park. Nature has a greater healing power. By making regular contact with the ground, you’ll restore and help maintain the body’s natural electrical balance, thereby promoting your optimal health. Stay fit, stay together, Stay with Solluna resort.