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Things To Experience At Solluna Resort

Things To Experience At Solluna Resort

The Solluna Resort is one of the finest 5-star resorts in Marchula where sunbeams and twittering birds tagged along to wake you up from your comfortable solace and welcomes you. Some of the best things to experience at Solluna Resort are:

ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES: If you are one of the enthusiastic adventure junkies and is aching for your adrenaline kicks in the midst of grand mountain tops, thick shrubberies and the rapids of the Ganges, Uttarakhand is the place to be! Visiting Uttarakhand and not indulging in some of the nerve-wracking adventure sports and activities is definitely a trip wasted! At Solluna Resort, the guests have access to a plethora of thrilling adventure activities like river rafting, rappelling, mountain climbing, flying fix, trekking, hiking and much more.

RELAX IN COMFY YET STYLISH COTTAGES: If you are wondering what makes Solluna Resort one of the top 5-star luxury resorts in Jim Corbett, then it is definitely their beautifully conceptualised cottages which are built according to the 5 human senses. 4 different cottages have their own concepts which are named as Superior Cottage, Deluxe Cottage, Premier Cottage and Presidential Cottage and you can choose to stay in any of them.

TAKE YOUR BUSINESS A STEP AHEAD: Yes that’s right! At Solluna Resort, you can plan your business meetings and conferences. The Solluna Resort offers redid answers to meet individual prerequisites keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee fruitful and paramount business occasions.

MOUTH WATERING FOOD: The Solluna Resort has a great variety of food listed down on the menu including some local as well as international cuisines. This delightful resort has its own particular delectable cooking styles which are exceptionally nutritious and significantly healthier.

RELAX IN THE LAP OF NATURE: Gloating of a captivating perspective of the Himalayas, and social ethos that talk about oversimplified living in the midst of nature and peace – the Solluna Resort is an ideal place where there are wonderful natural excellence and tranquil deep sense of being. The Solluna Resort rightly stands in the top resorts in Marchula Valley where the sereneness of nature and the warmth of the surroundings is everything one needs for a perfect vacation.