Deluxe Cottage

The Touch


The Cottage design incorporates a blend made from a variety of materials ranging from hardness of rocks to fluidity of water, from soft touch of pebbles to strong jets of spring water. The uniqueness of the cottage lies in its rock garden, housing the natural water spring finished with pebbles, where one can sit and touch to experience the variance in hardness of stones, chilled with the flowing spring water drip by drip.

The art piece in the cottage enhances the sense of touch, as it plays with the visual textures, also featuring a fossil painting in stone taking millions of years for its formation. The wash basin and wardrobe handles are customized and made of stone to add another dimension to the natural material palette. The shower panels in the bath enhances the sense of touch featuring three jets having high pressure streams, establishing one’s connection with the natural flow of water springs.


  • Ductable A/C
    Ductable A/C Yes
  • Cottage Size
    Cottage size 650 Sq feet
  • Tea Coffee
    Tea/Coffee Yes
  • Radio Lights
    Radio-lights Yes
  • Hot & Cold Water
    24 hr h & c Water Yes
  • Mini Refrigerator
    Mini-Refrigerator Yes
  • Wardrobe
    Wardrobe Yes
  • Working desk
    Working-desk Yes
  • Shower
    Shower Yes
  • Safety Locker
    Safety Locker Yes
  • Luxury Toiletries
    Luxury Toiletries Yes