Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett

Themed Wedding in Corbett


The Wedding is one of a lifetime occasion which gives you a bouquet of memories to cherish forever with your soul-mate and your family. If you have ever cherished a Destination Wedding in Corbett, then the wedding at The Solluna Resort will give you a natural elation of an under the sky venue, consolidated with the magnificence of a wedding, to make striking remembrances for you and your guests. It is true that the matches are made in heaven but the charismatic celebrations of harmony are best made here at the Solluna Resort.

The Solluna Resort, a pleasant wildlife Resort in Jim Corbett National Park, is a dazzling wedding destination where the couple can enjoy their wedding with a stunning panoramic view of the majestic Himalayas. We offer you an ideal forest wedding background where the married couple can be guaranteed that their visitors will be enchanted by the exquisite and crisp feeling of the wedding setting and we strive to make every wedding unique and harmonious to give the guests unforgettable wedding moments.

  • Make nature your sacred place with the outdoor premises being a perfect place to take the vows. To get the real feel of the forest, we follow the no tent concept  and make the wedding arrangements in open, under the sky and making the most of encompassing views.

  • Every wedding is memorable in its own way but a nature-inspired wedding style can surpass even the most luxurious wedding arrangement. The Solluna Resort reflects its surroundings in the wedding event and gives your wedding a complete royal touch of nature and the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas where the arrangements are made under the sparkling light of the moon and the stars.

  • From your dream theme to the delightful delicacies, from the lavish decorations to convenient accommodations, we have got you all covered. However, we do not provide the facility of photographer, Pandits and Liquors.

  • Catering to every need of you and your wedding functions, we offer all kind of facilities and services for your guests. Providing the blend of different styles and themes of the wedding, all the functions are arranged in the huge lawns of the resort where the wedding could be enjoyed at its best without any hassle.

So get your dream Destination Wedding in Corbett booked at The Solluna Resort and host a grand wedding that is sure to mesmerize your family and friends in the midst of Mother Nature, making it an extraordinary wedding experience for all!

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