Canter Safari in Corbett

Drive through the wildlife

Sometimes you get too exhausted with your work schedules and daily routine that we all need a good break, it could either be a short trip to a Hill station or a family outing. And if it’s a wildlife safari then what else could be more exciting than this. You just need to pick your Bag-Pack and head to Jim Corbett to experience the most amazing Jeep Safari.

Truly a short trip to nature at any point of time is unbeatable, especially when its exploring wildlife. What could be more thrilling and exciting than Jim Corbett. A place where you get to witness all the shades of nature, be it greenery, lakes, waterfall, chirping of birds, trees and the aroma. Jim Corbett is blessed with the true colours of nature including its Canter Safari. You get to explore the lovely Deodar trees, extinct species of birds, sunlight and the sound of animals making their presence feel everywhere around you. You can plan a Canter Safari either with a group of friends or your whole family. You don’t even have to worry about the booking, its just a call away.

Canter Safari: You can either visit our to gather more information about the Canter Safari and we will guide you about everything. You can plan a short and tiny trip to Jim Corbett and experience this amazing Canter Safari which will be an unforgettable experience witnessing the wild animals around you, clicking their pictures and walking in the middle of the forest.

Drop your laptops, cell phones at home and head to the lovely Jim Corbett to explore this amazing Canter Safari with your friends or family. Do not forget to carry your Video Cam or a nice camera to capture the candid photos!

Jeep Safari