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The word "Solluna" depicts the captivating beauty of the sun (sol) and the moon (Luna) being observed at the same time at the dusk. A striking blend of nature's ecstasy and great luxury at the Solluna Resort is a flawlessly planned and built top resort in Jim Corbett for the visitors needing to invest energy in the midst of peacefulness and serenity of the wildlife and forest. The Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett is in a magnificent and sumptuous valley of Marchula which is 35 km away from Ramnagar railway station.


We offer fun-filled adventure sports for all age groups like hiking, flying fox, trekking, rappelling, mountain climbing, gypsy drive, sightseeing, monkey crawling and many more which will not only improve your risk-taking capability but also take you out form your comfort zone and hence fill you with positivity. Jungle safari in Corbett is the best way to explore the abundant wildlife hidden in the jungle. These safaris will take you through the buffer zone of the Jim Corbett while covering the central areas of the park. With the stay at luxurious and 5-star resort in Corbett, the visit to the jungle with all the adventure activities doubles the fun and excitement of the holiday.

Among all top resorts in Corbett, Solluna is perfectly situated in a valley on the banks of Ramganga. It originates a micro-climate of its own, arousing one's senses and helping find inner peace. The valley appears to be wrapping the whole resort in its arms facilitating the guests to become an integral part of nature.


  • Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness.
  • Increased concentration level in children due to outdoor education.
  • Refreshed Mind, Body, and Soul.
  • Inner peace and a Cheerful you filled with positivity

Our resort is among the only few resorts in Corbett that has been planned and executed according to our basic five senses namely Vision, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing and also the five elements namely Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. A perfect union of all the five senses and the five elements at one place allows our resort to stand alone as the 5-star luxury resort in Corbett. The Solluna Resort imparts a serene haven and a luxurious territory where one can adore the magnificent view of the wee hours of the dawn, the sun soaking beyond the horizon at the dusk and the clear sky full of stars as the night approaches.

Furnished with lavishly delegated facilities and a thriving scenic beauty, this resort entitles itself to be one of the best 5-star luxury resorts in Jim Corbett. Our enhanced quality services, surrounding's exquisiteness, warm ambience, and the artistic vision of the valley marks its uniqueness among other resorts in Corbett. The resort assures to deliver a rejuvenating experience to create memories that will last forever.

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Presidential Cottage Resorts in Corbett

Presidential Cottage / The Sight

The Solluna Resort promises you the utmost closeness with the nature to make you feel alive. Your eyes will witness the real beauty of Mother Nature in an entirely different way. Every time you will look out of your window, you will see a new way of living life. It will not be wrong if we say that the beauty is captivating enough to bind your soul to the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Premium Resorts in Jim Corbett

Premier Cottage / The Sound

Solluna is committed to deliver you an experience like never before Our premium cottages are a perfect example to justify this."The Sound" theme signifies a perfect blend of soothing sound of flowing water & mesmerising sound of chirping birds.The uniqueness of the cottage lies in the huge water body housed in the cottage veranda giving a soothing sound of dripping water that can be controlled at the resident's wish.

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  • Guitar
  • Suitable for Big Families
  • Flute
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Higher Deluxe Resorts in Corbett

Deluxe Cottage / The Fragrance

Solluna showcases a blend of sweet aroma & soothing fragrance in deluxe cottages, going with the theme of the cottage "The Fragrance"The Cottage revolves around the sense of fragrance housing a small pebble filled pond emanating a particular floral fragrance all the time. The presence of a delicate aroma in the cottage all through the day enhances the basic instinct of sense of smell.

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  • Choice of Fragrance
  • Mountain View
  • Spacious
  • Luxury
Deluxe Cottage Resorts in Jim Corbett

Deluxe Cottage / The Touch

The Solluna has a habit of delighting people with a touch of comfort & luxury in every cottage they explore As the theme "The Touch" suggests, Deluxe cottages are crafted to excite you at everything you touch & everything you explore The Cottage design incorporates a blend of a variety of materials ranging from hardness of rocks to fluidity of water, from soft touch of pebbles to strong jets of spring water.

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  • Luxury
  • Pebbles-with-water
  • Spacious
  • Fossil-painting

Superior Cottage / The Calm

The raw feel of walls and the floor will give you a chance to be closer to nature blended with a comfortable luxury setting.The superior quality services offered in a warm ambience presents an unforgettable experience to our guests.The ever inspiring natural beauty of the place awakens all the sensory responses allowing us to be a part of nature.

the calm
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  • Earthy
  • Glass Window
  • Moon & Star View At Solluna Resorts
  • Barbeque-snacks

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