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Winter can be chilling and we normally fancy for the blanket, yet that shouldn't prevent us from wandering out and having a fabulous time, particularly when there are such huge numbers of amazing destinations perfect for the winter explorers. India being home to probably the most colorful and differed climatic conditions is one of the most well-known travel destinations on the planet, which make the Indian travel experience a one-of-a-kind and intriguing one, especially in winters. Winter has touched its base in India now and a large portion of the Indian states will be affected by winter which makes the atmosphere in the majority of the cities very cold and chilly and that what’s make the vacation a thrilling trip of the year. While some prefer to escape the winters and visit comparatively warmer places, but if you are one of those who likes to embrace winters and its glory, then plan your next vacation to Jim Corbett National Park where a variety of flora and fauna amid the grassland and densely wooded hills adjoining the Himalayas. There are more than 200 different species of mesmerizing tigers and 585 resident and migratory birds.

Visiting Jim Corbett National Park in winters is an ideal time since travelers can easily spot animals out in the forest when they come to soak in the sun in the daytime. Since the weather remains cool and pleasant here, activities like nature walk, hiking, and jeep safari can become your things to do during your stay amidst this forest area which is swarming with wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Cosily nestled in the lush forest is the Solluna Resort which offers the pleasant stay, breath-taking views, luxurious facilities, amazing local & multi- cuisine menu, great hospitality and a wide range of adventure activities along with the special jeep safari facilities as all the safari zones & gates remain open during winters which is one of the best reasons to visit Jim Corbett National Park during winters and a great opportunity to embrace the most captivating time of the year here. Activities like a bonfire in the evenings and jungle barbeque at night will give you some warmth from the chilly weather along with some fun time with your family & friends. 

The Solluna Resort which is settled amidst the flawless Marchula Valley offers their guest the greatness of marvelous views of the scenic beauty of the environment that takes such a beautiful backdrop in winters. One gets the opportunity to connect with nature and restore with thriving and excellent magnificence around the resort while staying here. Solluna Resort is an exceptional Resort in Jim Corbett which is furnished with all the cutting-edge liberalities and solaces in each of its cottages. Arranged into the superior cottage, deluxe cottage, premium cottage, and presidential suites, you can select any of your favorite cottages to get spoiled with the best and luxurious amenities and services. Slanting tiled rooftops, cool stone floors, and best-in-class wood furniture permit most convincing solace while proceeding with the dream of being in the wilds.