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Worth Knowing Facts About Jim Corbett National Park!

Worth Knowing Facts About Jim Corbett National Park!

Apart from known as favorite tourists’ location, this park is also famous as tiger conservation. For adventurous people who love to try new adventures and fond of wildlife, this place is actually a paradise on the earth. It is such a huge park spread over 512.8 kms over the spectacular hills, flawless grasslands around and sweetly flowing streams and large lake present heavenly scenery around this park which is worth visiting indeed. At this place, the nights in winters are too cold and one other hand, days in same season are quite sunny. From the month of June Jim Corbett National Park & Its Dynamic History: The Park consists to a rich history and to learn the value and significance of this place, one should necessarily know it. Around the period of 1815 to 1820, this reserve was a private property and after 1820, this area was taken over by the British people. In year 1936, this place had been converted into wildlife reserve. Earlier, it was named as Haily National Park, but later it was renamed to Jim Corbett National park. This name was taken from the name of famous conservationist who initially was a hunter Jim Corbett. This person did a wonderful job in the establishment of this attractive park. This was a deep forest where number of rohini, sal, papal, mango and haldu trees available and most of the area of this place is covered with these trees. Some area consists to grasslands and around 110 species of trees house there. A wonderful range of endangered mammals live in this park. 25 attractive reptile species and 580 bird species can be seen in this place. Enjoy spending quality time with majestic Bengal Tigers at this park. Ideal Time For Visiting Corbett National Park: Making a visit to this park on right time is mandatory to enjoy core experience of this place. Otherwise, you will not do justify with your trip to this park. Visits are divided as per weather conditions like winter, summer and spring. If you wish to be there in summer, then go there in the months of March – June. At this time, you will enjoy seeing number of mammals. Winter season visit should be made for November – February in which you will enjoy seeing beautiful water birds and for spring visit, go there in July – October. The best time to see the extreme beauty of this park starts from mid November – Mid June.