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With workload expanding in everyone’s life and the time being very constrained, weekend getaways are an amazing way to exploit your opportunity with your family and friends. If you've been looking to book some weekend getaway destination, nothing could fit better than a trip to Jim Corbett National Park which offers you some of the amazing sightseeing places, an exotic combination of flora & fauna, variety of adventure activities and you will also get an array of resorts in Corbett which makes this destination an ideal place to spend your weekend with family and friends.

For arranging your getaway to minimize travel time, and maximize fun & adventure, the Solluna Resort is the place to be. The Solluna Resort is one of the excellent and premium resorts in Jim Corbett and adds a fun component to your trip from where you can appreciate the beautiful magnificence and pleasant scene of the jungle. The Solluna Resort gives its visitors a remarkable ordeal of quiet surroundings with alleviating songs of birds and a treat of staggering mountains for the eyes.

Being situated in the Jim Corbett National Park, The Solluna Resort is a premium Resort in Corbett that offers a great chance to see the genuine magnificence of nature and wildlife from the same spot. From lavish green mountains to a scope of land creatures and flying creatures, the Solluna Resort is a superb space to be at with a peaceful climate and rich interiors of the beautiful cottages it possesses. The resort offers a range of cottage categories which are divided as the superior cottage, deluxe cottage, premium cottage and presidential suites which are based on the 5 human senses. You can choose to enjoy any of the cottages with all the best and optimum facilities and services provided on each and every cottage.

Alongside the broad range of best hospitality services and amenities, the Solluna Resort additionally offers different adventure and fun activities to enjoy which fills your heart with joy significantly more with the just the idea of it. If you are an adventure enthusiast, a long list of adventure activities follows you at the Solluna Resort like trekking, mountain climbing, natural river crossing, flying fox, hiking, & Burma Bridge along with an amazing experience of jungle safari to explore the wildlife of the Jim Corbett. For a nature-adoring individual, nothing better than nature walk for you as it allows you to associate with nature and its various components and to absorb all its appeal and tranquillity which gives you a relaxed mind and soul.

A weekend getaway at the Solluna Resort is an incredible chance to spend a quality time with your family which you might not get while you are busy with your working schedules. So make this coming weekend a time to invest some quality energy with your family and companions. Ensure you overlook your laptops and tabs behind to completely make the most of your weekend at the best resort in Corbett. Your weekend trip at the Solluna Resort may be of 2 to 3 days but its memories will be surely treasured for a long time to come!