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River Ramganga And River Kosi

River Ramganga And River Kosi

Every year thousands of tourists visit Jim Corbett national park, admiring its wildlife, vast species of animals, birds & fishes. For the survival of such magnificent wildlife, water is a crucial factor. Uttarakhand has hundreds of small and large rivers which are clean, hence, the water is used for irrigation and offers a wide variety of water activities to tourists. Jim Corbett National Park owes its survival to the two rivers that flow through the park - the Ramganga (West) and River Kosi. Ramganga originates in the Doodhatoli ranges of the Himalayas and flows out south-west to pass through the Corbett. River Ramganga is inhabited by key aquatic species like mahseer fish, endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles, and turtles, while River Kosi flows in proximity to the park near Dhikuli which is a tourist hub. Just like the river Ramganga, the Kosi too is inhabited by mahseer and attracts migratory birds.

Jim Corbett National Park would not have existed without the Ramganga River since it is critical and the biggest of the valuable sources of water in the Jim Corbett. Ramganga River is a rain-nourished river which originates from Gairsain in the Lower Himalayas and navigates more than 100 km before entering Corbett which is close to Marchula valley. Inside the Jim Corbett, Ramganga River streams approximately 40 km till Kalagarh, where it enters the fields.

Kosi River too is a Himalayan river originating from Almora District of Kumaon in Uttarakhand and travels through the valley of Ramnagar to join the Ramganga River. Stretching over 170 Km, Kosi River quenches the thirst of a large number of animals in Jim Corbett National Park.  During the summer season, Wild creatures stop by at the river Kosi, when the tributaries of Ramganga get dry, which is otherwise the main source of drinking water for them.

Just not wildlife but both rivers offer many adventurous activities to the visitors like water rafting, bridge slithering, and river crossing, etc. River Kosi provides a thrilling experience of river rafting to adventure seekers, especially during the monsoon season. Other activities like bird watching, angling and fishing add fun to the wildlife trip.  

Just not wildlife but both rivers offer many adventurous activities to the visitors like, water rafting, bridge slithering, and river crossing to name a few.