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Why Do Visitors To Jim Corbett National Park Keep Coming Back

Why Do Visitors To Jim Corbett National Park Keep Coming Back

One of India's oldest national parks, the Jim Corbett National Park  is located 250 kilometres from Delhi, the country's capital. The Jim Corbett National Park in the lovely state of Uttarakhand has attracted a sizable number of tourists from all over the world in a recent couple of years. The lovely hill towns of Uttarakhand are widely recognised for their breathtaking Himalayan views. Since Jim Corbett National Park's establishment in 1936, it has had a constant visitor influx. Jim Corbett National Park is renowned for the incredible variety of vegetation that it supports.

Visits to Jim Corbett National Parkfeature a variety of popular activities that draw visitors from all walks of life. Whether they enjoy the outdoors, animals, or adventure, Jim Corbett has something to offer everyone. Another popular tourist destination in Jim Corbett is the abundance of fashionable luxury lodges, which allow visitors to experience wildlife while residing nearby. The Solluna Resort is one such opulent resort that offers its guests a fantastic stay while admiring the natural surroundings.

Jeep safaris and elephant safaris provide you with the ideal way to explore every aspect of the Jim Corbett National Park and see the wildlife up close. Jim Corbett is home to a wide variety of mammals and flying species that can be found throughout the entire backcountry. If you want to enjoy yourself while staying at the Solluna Resort, there are many things you can partake in.

The Essentials

In 1936, the Jim Corbett National Park became India's first national park. It carries the name of Jim Corbett, a well-known naturalist and conservationist who was also a well-known tiger hunter in his earlier years. The Jim Corbett National Park, located close to Nainital, is renowned for having a sizable population of tigers, making it the animal-wise most populated national park in India.

  • Take a jeep safari if you want to see wild animals in their natural habitat.
  • You could even be fortunate enough to spot a tiger in the wild. Unwind as you drive through a heavily forested area filled with little waterfalls on a jeep safari. Additionally, you can spend the night in one of the park's hotels, which is an unforgettable experience. Check out some of the hotels on Cleartrip that provide fantastic deals.
  • The largest and best jungle-safari area in Corbettis the Dhikala Zone, which is home to a variety of rare animals and natural beauty. 18 kilometres separate from Ramnagar city from the entrance gate. True nature-lovers might think about staying overnight in the Dhikala Tourism Zone.
  • The Jhirna Safari Zone, another well-liked tourist destination in the Jim Corbett National Park, is open all year long. Jhirna Gate is located 16 kilometres from the city of Ramnagar.

The Solluna Resort is one of the Corbett resorts that organises a variety of adventure activities for its visitors, including mountain climbing, river rafting, trekking, rappelling, hiking, and numerous sightseeing trips. Therefore, stop worrying because the Solluna Resort, which leads the list of the best resorts in Jim Corbett, has everything covered for your happy vacation.