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Celebrate Green Diwali At The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett

Celebrate Green Diwali At The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett

The festival of light is around the corner, and The Solluna Resort is all set to make your Diwali 2021 the best of all time. The resort has recently released a special green Diwali package consisting of deep discounts, effective rates, and eco-friendly amenities to make the celebration less harmful to the environment.

Now is the perfect time for you to visit Jim Corbett's serene retreat to indulge in its many amenities. People can enjoy themselves with their family or friends without damaging Mother Earth while staying at the best resort in Jim Corbett.

The Solluna Resort hosts a green Diwali with a grand eco-friendly celebration for its guests every season. To make the festive celebrations more meaningful, it has ensured that the decorations are biodegradable, and all items used in packaging are sustainable. The resort will also host several recreational activities such as Pottery making Classes for all ages, rangoli making, etc.

The resort has made continuous efforts to not only ensure safety but also celebrate nature.

The eco-friendly celebration at The Solluna is in deep accordance with the efforts made by the resort to make the Diwali celebrations eco-friendly. With beautiful flowers, light food items, and natural decorations, this festive season will be memorable. Join in the fun at The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett, where you can relax amidst nature while celebrating Diwali. This year celebrate responsibly at this charming resort located amidst towering trees, surrounded by enchanting beauty.

Why eco-friendly Diwali?

As Indians, we celebrate Diwali every year. Our country is faced with many environmental issues. One main issue is our air pollution. Several cities in India face severe air pollution because of the rising population and various sources like transportation, industries, and agriculture. Many people are suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma due to the air pollution in our country. Other pollutants like noise, light, and traffic also affect our environment, but nowadays it has become more serious due to the rising population, which places more burden on this earth.


This year, Jim Corbett's Solluna resort is a perfect place for you to stay and celebrate Diwali with all the amenities. with this amazing offer you get: -

  1. Discounts- Great discount on booking your standard plan or luxury suite at Jim Corbett's Solluna resort. the discounted rates are effective from Nov 04th, 2021 till Nov 07th, 2021
  2. Tasty welcome- Traditional Welcome with tikka and cookies platter in cottages
  3. Snacks with a view- Evening high tea in the riverside lawn on all days
  4. Peaceful nights- Bonfire evenings with Mashal setup (Common for all)
  5. Entertainment- Live Guitarist and Indoor Music night on alternative evenings
  6. Kids activities- Kids Creative Sessions including rangoli making, painting, art & craft
  7. Something for everybody- Adventure activities for all ages such as Flying Fox, Treasure Hunt, Burma Bridge, etc.

Book your Diwali stays with The Solluna Resort now "Solluna Diwali Package".

Why celebrate Diwali at Solluna resort?

Nature is a blessing, and we want to make every effort to preserve what we can. The beauty of nature is diversified. At Solluna, you get to experience it in the form of a kingfisher bird making her nest or Mahasheer fish swimming in the river or butterfly sucking from the nectar or a monkey jumping from the branches and fireflies in the night hovering in the bushes. When you look, you will find all these little wonders of nature and feel the peace and tranquillity. We want you to spend your holiday with your loved ones. The time, money, and effort you have spent planning your holiday should be spent making memories and creating experiences with your friends and family at Solluna.