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Corbett Flora Fauna Two

Corbett Flora Fauna Two


Grasses form the largest group of plant species in Corbett with more than 70 species recorded. They occupy different habitats, especially chaurs. They include 

  • Kansi,

  • Themeda arundinacea,

  • Baib or Bhabar,

  • Narkul,

  • Tiger Grass,

  • Khus Khus,

  • Spear Grass with conspicuous sharp blades that adhere to clothes and penetrates skin.


In some parts of Corbett the vegetation is dominated by bamboo forest. The main species is Male Bamboo having clustered stout stems and shining papery stem sheaths. Bamboos follow a peculiar flowering process. All bamboos in a forest, flower together at the same time once in several decades. After flowering, fruiting and dispersal of seeds, all plants die together.