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Weekend Location Near Delhi The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett

Weekend Location Near Delhi The Solluna Resort Jim Corbett

Life is full of hectic schedules. For some, it's workplace blues, for some, its studies, and many more reasons. But do you know what makes you feel alive amidst the chaotic life? A weekend getaway! Travel lets you explore the side you never thought there was, allowing you to come out of your comfort zone. You get to relax, unwind and chill to shed all those stresses somewhere on your trip.

This time we came across a resort in Jim Corbett where you can stay close to nature and feel the most alive. The Solluna Resort is the perfect Resort in Corbett where you can shed all those stresses. The place is tucked away in the splendid valley of Marchula on the bank of river Ramganga and located in one of the most serene places in Uttarakhand. It's a heaven to those who love nature and adventure.

The resort offers luxury rooms with an awesome vibe, where you can do anything and everything you want, and it's free for everything! What else? The resort has a swimming pool, a mini-golf course, a boating facility, unique themed rooms, and a campfire site with different kinds of cooking sessions. 

The rooms in The Solluna Resort are based on 5 senses-

The Sight: Vision Theme - The only cottage of the resort situated at the highest space gives a spectacular view of nature and the adjacent flowing river. The groom promises the most prominent view of mountains, river, and Crouse, the sun and moon's intersection in the dusk.

The Sound: Hearing theme- Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of dripping water and the pleasant chirping sound of birds. Sounds relaxing, right? The sound theme cottage in The Solluna Resorts is the best option for those who crave happy sounds.

The inbuilt veranda and small lawns give you complete privacy to soak the sun or dance in the rain with your loved ones. The room is perfect for someone whose soul cherishes the music.

The Fragrance: Smelling Theme- The room has a pleasant smell all day long. The place has a small pebble-filled pond which eminent the floral fragrance creating perfect vibes to calm you down.

The Calm: Earth theme- Superior cottage "the calm" is planned and executed on the earth's look and feel, air, fire, and water. Complimenting the cabin's theme, the walls are made with a rough look and insulated in a way that keeps you warm in winter and calm in summers. The cottage's glass roof gives a dynamic starry view at night and a dreamy cloudy view in the day.

The Touch-Touch theme: As per the theme, the cottage is a perfect blend of materials that ranges from the hardness of rocks to the fluidity of water, from the soft touch of pebbles to strong spring water jets. the in-house rock garden filled with gravel and natural water spring makes it the resort's unique cottage

Things to do at The Solluna Resort, Jim Corbett

From relaxing to an adventurous experience, Solluna Resort covers all your traveling zeal. There are various fun-filled sports and activities available for all age groups, such as

  • Hiking,
  • Flying Fox,
  • Trekking,
  • Rappelling,
  • Mountain Climbing,
  • Gypsy Drive,
  • Sightseeing,
  • Monkey Crawling

And many more to give you a thrilling experience during your stay. Adventure sports are one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone and fill your mind with positivity.

Accessibility to Jim Corbett National Park is just 10 km.

Seeing wildlife here is easy as it's just a few minutes’ drive away from the park gate. There are multiple packages to select from, which makes your trip can be even more attractive. You can also explore the options available for meals at the resort.

How to visit The Solluna Resort

The Solluna Resort is a perfect Weekend Location Near Delhi as it is approx. 300 km. There are various modes to travel to Corbett's Solluna resorts, which are – by road, train and flight. 

The place is ideal for friends, family, and even couples who want to get away from city life. It's a place to be in touch with nature and offers you some unforgettable memories with your loved ones. A weekend getaway is just what your body needs to recharge your soul. Let the hustle-bustle of the world fade away for a few days at this exotic location.