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The Solluna Resort Jim Corbet Its Usp!

The Solluna Resort Jim Corbet Its Usp!

Located in the heart of the Jim Corbett National Park, The Solluna Resort introduces itself as one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett. Visitors are ensured a get-away ordeal at Solluna Resort with the unmatched spectacular views which are unique in itself amongst other resorts in Jim Corbett. With the stunning and customized rooms, visitors can admire the nightfall over towering trees and a radiant sunrise over the Himalayan ranges.

The solluna resort is visited and admired by a number of tourists from across the country due its USP which is their unique and customized cottages. These cottages are conceptualized on the five senses of a human body which lets the guests have a relaxing time at the resort and experience a truly secluded peace of mind. The cottages at Solluna Resort are divided into 4 categories which are

1) The Superior Cottage – The Calm

2) The Deluxe Cottage – The Touch

3) The Premium Cottage – The Sound

4) The Presidential Cottage – The Sight

all of which are truly impressive and lavish. All these cottages have some or the other salient and distinct features which make Solluna resort stand out amongst the top resorts in Corbett.  

The level of hospitality Solluna resort offers to each and every guest is in itself it’s one of the USP for which the visitors are attracted towards this resort. All the staff members are highly experienced in their field and are at their best while providing facilities and services to their guests. The natural setting around the resort is the God’s gift to the Solluna resort which marks its highest USP among other resorts in Marchula Valley. Mood boasting mountain views, high - low Himalayan ranges, serene river kosi flowing by the resort, and tall standing trees is what the Solluna resort is gifted by nature and it definitely serves as its USP.

So, treat yourself and your loved ones on a relaxing and fun filled holiday at the Solluna resort to explore the natural surroundings and accommodations which are sure to capture your perfect holiday moments.