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Sightseeing And Tourist Attractions Places Around Delhi

Sightseeing And Tourist Attractions Places Around Delhi

If you and your family haven’t been on a trip from a long time and are searching for a break, there are a plenty of astonishing end of the week getaways close to Delhi, which offer adventurous activities to pump up your adrenaline surge furthermore a tranquil getaway to restore your body and soul, making you spend the best time with your family and friends. The ultimate choice of visiting Jim Corbett National Park will resolve your entire planning of pleasant getaway!

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most established national parks in the nation. Arranged in the foothills of the great Himalayas, it is the principal Tiger Reserve in the nation, therefore, qualifying as a standout amongst the most wonderful getaways from Delhi. Despite the fact that guests are permitted to specific parts of this park, Jim Corbett National Park makes for a satisfying wildlife visit. The national park provides shelter to exotic flora and fauna and is divided into 5 zones each having different access gates. Not to forget the beautiful, luxurious and 5-star resorts in the Jim Corbett National Park that offer the relaxing stay amidst the woods.

The Solluna Resort is without a doubt one of the best resorts in Corbett which has breath-taking landscapes for the nature lovers along with the different excursions to tourists spot, jungle safaris, nature walk and various adventurous activities. The Solluna Resort has a stunning view around with the river Kosi flowing on one of its side and the other sides covered by huge trees and Himalayan ranges. Because of the best of accommodation and services & facilities with high-end modern culture, the Solluna Resort is counted among top resorts in Corbett.

A unique and an impeccable feature of the Solluna Resort are it’s beautifully and conceptually built cottages. These cottages are based on the look and feel of Earth, Fire, Air and Water and are given different names as well. The Superior Cottage is known as The Calm, The Deluxe Cottage is known as The Touch, The Premium Cottage is known as The Sound and The Presidential Cottage is known as The Sight. These stunning theme cottages are the highlight of the resort which makes it one of the 5- star resorts in Corbett.