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How To Shortlist A Resort When Visiting Corbett National Park

How To Shortlist A Resort When Visiting Corbett National Park

Located in the Nainital District of Uttaranchal , the 520 kilometre square park , is the home of India's tigers . The park is home to over a thousand different species and varieties of flora and fauna. However the minute one talks of Corbett National Park, it immediately brings the tiger to mind, beautifully immortalised by William Blake:

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

When visiting Jim Corbett National Park, it is essential to pick a good resort. The better suited the resort the better the vacation. It is important to select an all-inclusive resort so that once you arrive at the property, you can ditch your wallet and focus on relaxation, dining and activities. The Solluna Resort has been picked as the traveller choice resort in Jim Corbett Park area, for 2016 by TripAdvisor.  We've listed down some factors you may consider when choosing a resort:

The closer the resort is to the national park, the better it is. The reserve forests around the national park become verdant, deep and green. The environment is cleaner and one has a chance to be closer to nature. The proximity to the park also helps with saving time in sightseeing.

While picking a resort, it is important to take into consideration how well connected it is by road. Ramnagar city is 260km from New Delhi and well connected by road as well as rail. Also it is 62Km from Nainital . 

While picking a resort one must check for proximity of medical facilities. It is essential to do this , when going on a vacation one must be prepared for every emergency.

One must check for the facilities for available at the resort . The type of food that is served ,what types of sports or entertainment does the resort offer  These factors would influence the how much you enjoy your trip.

A well planned and well researched vacation can be extremely enjoyable. While visiting the wilds it is best to plan well . Vacations are meant to relaxing and fun. They provide for the well-deserved down time that is required. Hence the mantra plan in advance and enjoy a stress free vacation.