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Be Keen To Taste Our Cuisine

Be Keen To Taste Our Cuisine

Among all the tourist destinations, The Solluna Resort stands proudly in the Jim Corbett amidst the lavish green mountains of Himalayas, encompassed by the beautiful landscapes, making it a peaceful spot for the city dwellers to escape from the chaos of daily life.

A striking blend of nature's ecstasy and great luxury is what makes the Solluna resort among the best resorts in Jim Corbett. Our enhanced quality services, surrounding's exquisiteness, warm ambience and the artistic vision of the valley marks the uniqueness among the other resorts in Corbett. The resort assures to deliver a rejuvenating experience to create memories that last forever.

Apart from its famous pilgrimage spots, Uttarakhand is well known for its unique cuisine in the country. The home-grown herbs and seeds make the cuisine of this state much more delectable and fascinating.

Our resort is among the only few resorts in corbett that has been planned and executed according to our basic five senses namely Vision, Smell, Touch, Hearing, and taste.

Leaving the rest aside for now, let us tell you about, how crazy The Solluna Resort is about food.  With the dine-in area like Top Pavilion and Blue Lounge, the wind touches the soul so fresh with soft shower sprinkle from all sides. Our delicious food evokes a sense of pleasure for eyes, smell and tongue. The Solluna Resort is best 5 star luxury resorts in Corbett that offers an exceptional variety of indulgences that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. The multi-cuisine restaurant at the Solluna Resort has an assortment of authentic delicacies traversing international cuisines as well the local cooking styles. The menu is filled with a variety of Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines obliging different tastes of different guests from across the globe.

An awesome view of the riverside, the lush green lawns, the green mountains adds a flavour of nature into every bite you take at The Solluna Resort. In those romantic moments with your beloved, one can have a personalised meal with an attendant deputed for service.

What can better than sinking your teeth into a savoury ‘Bar-B-Que’ after a long day out on the riverside? How about live cooking with music with an unmatched ambience in a Blue lit dining?

Well, Solluna will never let down your expectations. Our delectable cuisine is always ready to steal away your moment of the day. With such a medley of food and heaven like taste, it will not be wise to skip on the food in The Solluna Resort.