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Wildlife In Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife In Jim Corbett National Park

The primary national park of the Indian subcontinent, the Jim Corbett National Park arranged amidst the prairie, thickly rich inclines bordering the Himalayas gives it its spellbinding radiance and attracts explorers from all around the world. Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and bird watchers and is absolutely a destination full of charm and beauty for any wildlife and nature loving person. So if you are one of those who are always excited for the wildlife excursion and exploring more and more of nature and its beauty, Jim Corbett National park is definitely that place you should not give a miss.

Jim Corbett National Park spans over an area of 520 square kilometers and is home to a very large number of animals and birds. First, let's explore the bird species that have their home in Jim Corbett. A very striking feature to know about Jim Corbett would be that it is one of the richest bird regions in India with more than 600 species of residents and migratory birds which includes a variety of waterside birds and water birds. Some of the widely seen species includes the Spotted Owlet, Crested Serpent Eagle, the Himalayan Fishing Eagle, the Steppe Eagle, Great Salty Woodpecker, Cinereous Vulture, Tawny Fish, Wallcreeper, Indian Alpine Swift, Larks, Mynas, Bayes, tailor bird, bulbuls and many more are seen in and around the park. 

The Jim Corbett National Park structures a characteristic junction and meeting ground for avian species from high height ranges, fields and eastern and western areas. In view of this special area, the population of birds is really high consistently, with winter guests, summer guests, elevation migrants, entry transients and neighborhood migrants. Himalayan birds are the migratory birds which are often seen in winters to find shelter in Jim Corbett to dodge the extreme conditions at the higher altitude. The assortment and the quantity of bird creatures, the Corbett National Park offers, never neglect to inspire its guests.

The jungle life of Jim Corbett National Park is richly nestled with the assortment of wild animals. As per the latest review by wildlife specialists, 33 species of reptiles, 50 species of mammals, 37 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and 7 species of fishes have been found to be in Jim Corbett national park. Tigers are the most popular animals in wildlife for which Jim Corbett is the main attraction. Jim Corbett National Park house 700 elephants. Tourist can even explore the park with the convenience of elephant safari available in the park. Frequently sighted mammals include deer, leopards, monkeys, pythons, black bears, crocodiles, langurs. Golden maheseer, Indian trout, Rohu and Goonch are some of the famous species of fishes found in abundance in the Jim Corbett National Park.

So next time you are planning for some fun and adventure, visiting Jim Corbett National Park will surely prove the best vacation spot to have the adventurous and thrilling time.