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Usp Of Solluna Resort In Jim Corbett National Park

Usp Of Solluna Resort In Jim Corbett National Park

Until the time you've bunged yourself amidst an ideal adventure packed place, you haven't actually experienced it completely. Have you ever thought of approaching that excitement to your trek by having the chance to twitter with the little creatures, walk amidst the trees and share the same surroundings as that of wildlife creatures? Well, the Solluna Resort in the Jim Corbett National Park is an ideal destination for you to witness nature’s embracing elements, fragrant gardens, beautiful sunrise and sunset,  striking views of Himalayan mountains along with many other such magnificent features which mark its USP!

The Solluna Resort provides unique and contemporary accommodations in the form of different cottages. These cottages are conceptualized and planned in accordance to our basic five senses namely Vision, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing and are remarkably comfortable and spacious. Embracing the beauty of river Kosi flowing through one of its sides, Solluna resort is a peaceful retreat where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. To add to its uniqueness, a roof top sit out area is an ideal place to spend your evening with great ambience and soothing music. Also, you can opt for a lavish buffet dinner at the “Top Pavilion” where you can treat your taste buds with the lip smacking food while enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountains.

The characteristic setting around the resort is the God's blessing to the Solluna resort which denote sits most noteworthy USP among different resorts in Marchula Valley. Solluna Resort is remarkable due to its wide mountain sights, high - low Himalayan ranges, tall standing trees, River Kosi flowing with its pace, conceptualized cottages, adventure activities to indulge in and a private sit out areas. The Solluna Resort will unquestionably make you encounter the finest accommodation and delightful sights encompassing the resort and offers an ideal space to spend your time with your family, thereby marking an ultimate getaway resort! So think no more, make this vacation the most precious one with your family and companions at the Solluna Resort.