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Plan A Long Weekend Trip This Mahashivratri

Plan A Long Weekend Trip This Mahashivratri

We have entered  into 2020 with a full boom and energy carrying lots of resolutions, dreams, expectations and plans. With every passing day we feel somewhere inside us that another day has gone, I have planned this, or maybe this weekend I’ll finish, or I’ll try to finish it by the end of this month. And time keeps flying. We make a lot of plans for us for our families or without friends, but have you wondered how many times you are actually  able to implement those plans practically in real life. A lot of you will agree here with what I just mentioned.

Now that we have done a lot of self-examination about not listening to our inner self let’s move ahead with a practical and positive note whatever we’ll plan for us or for our families we will try to implement that no matter what. We have entered into the month of February which is full of loads of exciting festivals like Valentine’s day and Mahashivratri. And most of these festivals are falling under weekends. Don’t you think this is the ideal time to hang out on a short nice trip with your family or friends. If you explore a little, you will be able to see that a lot of hotels and resorts in most of the Hill stations are offering special packages for travelers who seek to visit them during this festive season.

One such extremely beautiful place to visit this Mahashivratri is Jim Corbett. Located in Uttarakhand this place is surrounded by the nature of beauty all over. And to make your trip more interesting you have an amazing resort to stay here i.e., The Solluna Resort, built near the banks of beautiful river Ramganga this resort itself is situated in the center of extreme greenery all over. If you search for other Resorts in Corbett, you might not be able to find a place as close to nature as this one.

 As the festival of Mahashivratri falls around the weekend this month, we have made special arrangements to welcome our guests right from the morning on their arrival. The guests will be served Thandai , cookies and other activities during the day. Although there are a lot of other Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Jim Corbett but you won’t find a place like this anywhere else. And what makes it so special is their hospitality, food, well-spoken staff, well connected room service and not to forget they make sure they engage their guests in a lots of activities so that even if you haven’t planned anything on your own or have forgotten to make extra plans to visit the area around, the staff at Solluna will ensure you make the most of your visit during your stay.

We host engaging activities for your kids, yoga sessions for all in the mornings to make a healthy start in the morning, nature walk, sight-seeing etc.

What are you waiting for, spent a nice time with your family this Mahashivratri and make memories for a lifetime!