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Exotic Wildlife Resort To Visit In Summers

Exotic Wildlife Resort To Visit In Summers


India is one of those few countries which are blessed with the plethora of wildlife sanctuaries. Jim Corbett National Park tops the list when anything related to wildlife pops in our mind. As summer has taken its roots already, staying amidst the exotic flora and fauna in itself is an exciting thought. Jim Corbett National Park is not only a place for wildlife lovers but also for those who want to relax and enjoy their time in the calm and quaint surroundings and stay connected to nature. To add an experience of a lifetime, there are a number of wildlife resorts in Corbett.

The Solluna resort is your answer to the perfect wildlife resort where your morning are lifted up with the chirpings voices of the birds and your evenings are accompanied by the setting sun. What else could be more exciting and soothing than the lovely stay in wildlife resorts of Jim Corbett National Park to unwind and revive! One of the prestigious extravagance resorts in Corbett is the Solluna Resort where luxury and beauty have been personified perfectly to calm your body and soul.

An indulgent and eco-pleasing resort spreads over an immense segment of the forest where there is a green field with a colossal number of trees, rich verdure, phenomenal mixed shrubberies, with the river Kosi streaming through one of its sides add on to the energetic perspective of nature's beautiful view.  Solluna Resort is a unique resort in Jim Corbett which gives the accommodation in the form of beautifully conceptualised cottages which are outfitted with all the cutting edge facilities and solaces. To explore your adventure thirst, various adventure activities and adventure sports are available to indulge in. Adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting, rappelling, jeep safari, mountain biking can be enjoyed which is definitely going to get your adrenaline rush to its peak.  

The Solluna resort is an ideal balance of a relaxed stay and wildlife experience. The perfect location, remarkable services and striking surroundings have made the Solluna resort one of the best 5 star resorts in Jim Corbett.