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Enjoy The Blissful Holiday At The Best Resorts In Jim Corbett The Solluna Resort

Enjoy The Blissful Holiday At The Best Resorts In Jim Corbett The Solluna Resort

Usually when it comes to planning for a vacation people go for different options – some opt for a beachy vacation by the shore, some prefer indulging in the thrills of city’s exciting life. Located in the Himalayan foothills, Jim Corbett is the perfect place for people who want to experience the beauty of nature and have a holiday at a different level. 

Jim Corbett, the very famous national park, located in Uttarakhand, provides a beautiful opportunity to everyone to get an up close and a personal encounter with the wildlife. It was initially established with the interest of preserving the tigers of our country. But slowly and steadily it grew into a massive national park, which now has the greatest of the animals like leopards, elephants, deers, hundreds of species of birds and what not. You can capture some really good images while youre out on a jungle safari.

If you want to experience such gift of nature then Jim Corbett is the place for you to visit and to top that trip a stay at the Solluna Resort is a must which is the Best Resorts in Corbett offering top notch services to their visitors. To add to its beauty, it is located in the beautiful valley of Marchula where one can enjoy the beauty of nature in the foothills of Himalayas. Solluna will take care of your wildlife safari and after enjoying the safari with your loved ones. The resort is spacious enough and is authentically designed to bring in the true essence of the jungles and make your holiday memorable. Whether you want to have a glimpse of the parks wilderness or simply laze around the scenic vistas, you will find the resorts in corbett to be the most suitable option for you.

To attain the extravagance in delivering the best hospitality services, best luxury resorts in Jim Corbett have interiors styled and architecture designed by the experts, with amenities like comfortable cottages, lavish food and a warm hospitality by the staff who are always there to serve you and your needs 24/7.

So plan your stay at the Best Resort in Jim Corbett and have the time of your life.