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Celebrate New Year At Adventure Places In Jim Corbett

Celebrate New Year At Adventure Places In Jim Corbett

New Year celebrations are the best way to say goodbye to the existing year and to welcome the new one with the fun and enjoyment and what could be better than welcoming it by enjoying some of the best adventure places in Jim Corbett National Park! Situated at the foot of the Himalayas and encompassed by an amazing and various sights of mountains, jungles, and rivers, Corbett National Park has a wide assortment of flora and fauna along with an enormous adventure to follow! While jeep safari is one of the greatest adventures at this national stop in India, there is a lot more to sightsee and discover here at the Jim Corbett National Park. Luxury resorts at Corbett too are a worth to stay at and experience the quaint nature and surroundings of the park.

One of the best ways to kick-start your New Year is to indulge in grooving and bouncing adventure sports and activities available at the Jim Corbett for the adventure enthusiasts and nature loving tourist. With a large number of adventure activities like river rafting, angling, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking to get your spine tingling, jeep safaris and elephant safaris help you to get a view of exotic wildlife. Once you are tired with the entire day of adventure and fun, Resorts in Jim Corbett offers you’re the most relaxing and peaceful stay.

One of the Top resorts in Jim Corbett National park is the Solluna Resort which is settled in the midst of the lovely Marchula Valley which offers their visitor to discover the excellence of splendid panoramic view of the surroundings. One gets to associate with nature and revive with flourishing beautiful excellence around the resort while staying here. Solluna Resort is one-of-a-kind resorts in Corbett which gives the top notch nature of accommodation and is equipped with all the forefront indulgences and comforts.