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Celebrate An Eco-friendly Diwali In Jim Corbett

Celebrate An Eco-friendly Diwali In Jim Corbett

Diwali is a time for joy and light, but it's important to think about the environment too. In cities, firecrackers create a lot of pollution, making the air and noise dangerous. 

The Dark Side of Diwali in the City:

In bustling urban centres, the excessive use of firecrackers has led to heightened air and noise pollution. The aftermath of the celebrations often leaves behind a blanket of smog, posing serious health risks for individuals.

With the rising concerns over pollution during Diwali in Delhi NCR and other regions, the need for an eco-friendly celebration has become more apparent.

Shifting to an Eco-Friendly Diwali:

The shift towards an eco-friendly Diwali is a collective responsibility that begins with small yet impactful changes. Embracing sustainable practices such as opting for eco-friendly decorations and lighting alternatives can significantly reduce our carbon footprint during the festivities.

At Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett, you can celebrate Diwali without harming nature. Our resort is far from the noise and pollution of cities. Here, you can enjoy the festival while taking care of the environment.

When you choose Solluna Resort for your Diwali celebrations, you'll not only enjoy the festivities but also help keep the environment clean. We at Solluna Resort are dedicated to protecting the beautiful surroundings of Jim Corbett.

During your stay, you'll be welcomed with a Special Festive Sweet platter. You can enjoy daily Chai Pani in the evening along with assorted cookies on the riverside lawn. In the evenings, everyone can join the fun at the Bonfire Tales. On alternate evenings, you can enjoy live guitar music or indoor music sessions. Kids can take part in rangoli making, painting, and other fun activities.

We also have surprise events for all age groups. You can also learn about the environment and plant trees with our naturalist.

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Let's make this Diwali memorable and safe with Solluna Resort.