Monkey Crawling

Test your courage

Solluna Resort offers one of the best and safest monkey crawling activities in Jim Corbett. You just need to be passionate about doing this adventure sport, rest all will be our part. You will be safely accomplishing this activity because all our gear and crew will be there with you all the time to support.

Monkey Crawl is an adventure activity that needs strength and stamina and we at Solluna feel that everyone has what it takes to do it! What we do for you is we tie a cable at both the ends of the river and you will crawl over that rope from one end to the other. It is easy to say but not-at-all easy to do, but once you do, you will be thrilled and will feel to repeat this again and again.

So Wanna try your skills on Monkey Crawling? Come with us and we will set up an amazing experience that will satisfy all your thirst for thrill!

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Monkey Crawling