You are never ever alone with Angling

Few aquatic adventurers visit Solluna every year to enjoy angling. Rāmgangā is a home for varieties of fishes and this is one of the biggest reasons why we have a huge demand for this sport throughout the year. Be it a child or a parent or a grandparent, everybody just loves angling because there is no prior training required neither it requires particular fitness level.

It is not easy to foretell in which stream we are going to find a good catch so you have to constantly switching on different streams. Catching a fish is not as easy as eating it. Sometimes you may spend hours and hours in order to catch a single fish and this is the beauty of angling as an adventure sport. Solluna is best rated resort in Jim Corbett who offers angling and this is why we have guests who pays visit every year.

Angling @ Rs. 4000.00 + 18% GST per rod Including fish food & guide fee )** Subject to availability and prior permission from Forest Department*

Explore the crystal clear Ramganga river with your seasoned guide. Get ready for a one to one tussle with the ever popular Golden Mahaseer.

*Patience and persistence is a must for this sport* -- 48 hours prior booking required--

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