Resorts in Corbett

Situated in the splendid valley of Marchula, Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, the name of Solluna Resort has been derived from the amalgamation of two French words -- Sol (sun) and Luna (moon). This resort is among the best resorts in Corbett & incorporates the beauty of the sun as well as the moon as these are the two very prominent elements of the place. The resort being situated in a valley gives birth to a micro-climate of its own. The valley encapsulates the whole of the resort and the scene gives an impression that the world starts from one end of the valley and vanishes at the other end which makes it unique among other Resorts in Corbett. The sun rises, sets in and the moon and the stars wake up for just this part of the world. One can enjoy the awesome sunrise, sunset and then the outbreak of the moon and clear the sky full of stars at this place, which truly justify this premium property. On a full moon night it seems as if the moon has showered all its illumination over this valley and the resort.

The planning of this 5 star resort in Corbett is based on the importance of the five natural elements. The resort accentuates the importance of the natural living. One can find all the comfort and relaxation in its basic form here which has been inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings. The place can truly be termed as 'Return to innocence' thus making it one of the Luxury resorts in Corbett. It promises to take one back to the basic self. The designing of the resort has taken the contours and the site line into consideration. As a result, every cottage promises the spectacular views of the river and the valley. Despite of being in the open, the cottages offer complete privacy with private verandas and private open spaces. The superior quality services offered in a warm ambience & affordable Corbett Tour Packages presents an unforgettable experience to our nature loving guests.